Stories people tell…

A closed caption said, “Have you ever wished you never met someone, but then wished you would meet them all over again and do it all afresh?” Do it right. Is the latter too much to ask of life? Imagine a lifetime with two acts, Act 1 and Act 2. In the first act, you met the unfiltered multitudes. Mother nature in her raw form, and untamed. The good, the bad, the heroes and the villains in the stories. In this part of the lifetime, we meet them all, know them. The villains hurt us and the heroes save us. Those we turned to villains we do, and those we change to heroes we do. And ourselves, we remain so beaten, in ruins, with scars and sore spots. We love with all of our hearts, and we love how we wish to, we refrain to love those we fear. We take some risks, and some we forego. And when we give, we give it all. Even when it hurts, we give, we love, with no take backs. In this painful act of life, we do it all. I know I would love, and I would give, and I would be free. I’d do it all, because I know, there is another take. I know that this is not the last I see of those I lost, and this is not the end of what I give. In another lifetime, I can find them, him, and do it all over, with the lessons I learnt. I can love, with the wisdom I gained and with the freedom I wish I could.

In the second act, we do it right. We know who are right for us. We know what moves are right for us. We do it right, we don’t lose, but we win. After all, we have seen what forever is, and who we’re with in the final days. So we plan right, and we love right. We treat them right. Those that mean the most to us, and we make everything count; Every moment, every second, every kiss, and every glance. Because we know that they are for us, and the dice is cast already.

Perhaps this is why I say, that since life has no take backs and plan Bs, clones really should be a thing. I’d make myself one. He’d be tall, and he’d be dark, bit of a beard. He’d be a loud mouth and stylish. He’d like blue or purple and he’d be a mystery. He’d have different shades to himself, he’d laugh and make jokes, and he’d enjoy my company as much as I enjoy his. He’d be a people person loved by many. He’d wear a specific scent, one that I would bathe myself in. He’d be exactly the same as the original, except, he would love me just as much, and give just as much. This clone would be imperfectly perfect, as close to the truth as possible, but most of all, he’d be my perfection.

But clones are not a thing, and life has no take backs, so we take it as it is, and if you see your perfection, as imperfect as they are, you take it and run, making every minute count. There is nothing to like about regrets. Nothing to say about what ifs, as I learn to live in the moment, I encourage that you do so. No take backs.



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